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Conference Informational Meeting

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Thursday September 12th, is our meeting about the 2014 IAJGS conference. We will convene at 5pm in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library. We will go into as many details as we can to prepare everyone for what their roles will be in the coming year to prepare for the conference.

Anyone who has not already volunteered for a committee roll is also welcome to attend. There are plenty of ways that you can help out to make everyone’s jobs a little easier.

And we’ll follow that with our annual board meeting. Again, anyone interested in taking on more of a leadership position in our society is welcome to join the board.

See you tomorrow.

Call to Meeting

Hello UJGS members. Next week, we are going to have a more unusual meeting. This one is unscheduled, but it has a very important purpose.

Now that the Boston IAJGS conference is over, SLC is up next. It’s time for us to start planning to make our conference the success that we want it to be.

We will meet at the Family History Library on Thursday, September 12, beginning at 5pm.

I know many of you have been asking for more details about what you will need to do in the coming year, so we want to tell you as much as we can.

If you are already volunteered for the conference committee, we hope you can make it to this meeting. If you can’t be there, but you have the time, I’m sure we can bring you in via the Internet.

If you are not on the committee already, we still want you to join us next week. There is enough to be done in advance of the conference that everyone can find a bit to do to make it easier on those of us with the bigger responsibilities.

We will follow the conference session with a board meeting, so I hope the board members will all be in attendance as well. And if anyone is interested in joining our board and helping to lead our society, you are welcome to join us for that meeting too.

Please RSVP, especially if you are a committee chair or a board member, so we will know who is coming.

Call To Meeting – July 23

It’s time for another UJGS meeting. We will be in the main floor classroom of the Family History Library from 7-9pm on July 23rd, next Tuesday.

We are only a few weeks away from the IAJGS conference in Boston, so this month’s meeting will be a very small preview of the conference.

Our speaker will be our own Banai Lynn Feldstein. She will be presenting Secrets of Jewish Genealogy Research at the Family History Library. This presentation provides some of the basics and some of the insider secrets about research at the Library.

This will be Banai’s practice run before the conference. Be ready to evaluate the presentation and offer your own advice about what she should teach (and what can be cut to make it under an hour).

As always, this will be presented as a webinar, which requires registration, for those who can’t be there in person.

See you next week!

Library Research Night – June 2013

It’s time for another UJGS meeting, and this one is Library Research Night. Come to the Family History Library on Tuesday, June 18th, from 5-9pm, and research with your fellow society members.

All levels of researchers are welcome, from beginners to experts. Ask for advice on your genealogy research or give some to others. Share your finds with society members and discuss where to take your research next.

Free parking is available behind the museum. Check our meetings page for details.

We’d love to know if you’re planning to come and if you have a specific area of research you’re seeking help with. We’ll try to match you up with a member who can help.

We have reserved the main floor classroom, so come and meet us there.

See you next week!

Call To Meeting – May 2013

It’s time for another UJGS meeting. We are meeting at the Family History Library, Tuesday, May 21st, from 7-9pm. This month’s topic: Genealogy in the Round.

What’s Genealogy in the Round? It’s a bring-your-own topic. Everyone is encouraged to participate in some way. Bring a family heirloom, tell a story about an ancestor, share a genealogical find, tell something interesting you’ve learned while researching history, or bring a brick wall problem and we’ll try to help you chip away at it.

We’ll also have some discussion about the 2014 IAJGS conference we’ll be co-hosting next summer.

We will be broadcasting this meeting as a webinar for anyone who want to join us remotely. You can register at this link. If you want to share something from home, please be ready with a microphone and headset and we will try to have the system set up so that we can broadcast you to the room.

We’d be happy to have our members send us pictures or scans of what they’re planning to share so we can show them during the broadcast. Or feel free to bring your files on a flash drive and take over at the podium for a few minutes. (Please, no presentations longer than ten minutes. We want to give everyone a turn.)

If you want help with a brick wall, you may send that information in advance too. Since we’ll be at the Library, we might even be able to find some information you need before you go home.

Shavuot begins this Tuesday evening, so have a happy holiday. (Read more about the holiday from our previous blog post.)

And we’ll see you on the 21st. Who’s going to be there?

Meeting Reminder – March 19

This message is to remind everyone of our upcoming meeting, March 19th, 7-9pm, at the JCC.

Jeanette Rosenberg is presenting Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Found, about her research visits to Germany (and she may mention some other locations). Jeanette comes to us from England, a member of AGRA, JGS Great Britain, and GerSIG.

Webinar registration is online and open to the public. Address and directions to the JCC are on our web site.

We will also be discussing our participation in the 2014 IAJGS Conference. We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with our society’s responsibilities.

UJGS members, please remember to bring your dues for 2013 if you haven’t already paid. We’ll see you there!

Call to Meeting – March 2013

It’s time for another meeting of UJGS. We began 2013 with a Library Research Night that was well attended. Now, we’re heading back to the JCC for a presentation meeting.

Joining us to speak is Jeanette Rosenberg. Her topic: Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Found.

Jeanette will present about her genealogy research visits to Germany and elsewhere, giving some case studies drawn from her personal research. These will give examples of the sources others can consider using for their own research.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 19th, from 7-9pm at the JCC. More information can be found on our meetings web page.

Everyone is welcome to the meeting, or you may attend by webinar. Registration is required for webinar attendance.

(This will be our first webinar broadcast from the JCC. We won’t be able to test our technology in advance of the meeting, so if anything goes wrong with the webinar, we will find some way to record the session and make it available to those who were registered.)

More about our speaker. Jeanette Rosenberg is a professional genealogist and member of AGRA (Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Genealogical Studies from Strathclyde University. She’s a frequent researcher at archives in Germany, where she’s participated in local history seminars. Jeanette is also a popular Jewish genealogy speaker around the UK. She was appointed a GerSig Director in 2009 and leads for JGS Great Britain on Education and Mentoring, managing exhibitions, and is chair of the German SIG.

Don’t Forget Library Research Night

We’re kicking off 2013 with Library Research Night tomorrow night, 19 February, at the Family History Library. We will be there between 5 and 9pm and members are welcome to come by to ask for help from others, share their discoveries, or just to get some research done and have someone around to chat with.

We’ll have a sign at the information desk on the main floor to let you know where we are.

Library Research Night – February 19

It’s time for our first meeting of 2013, and we’re starting out with Library Research Night.

On February 19th, from 5-9:00pm, members are invited to the Family History Library to do our research together.

Check our meetings page for more information about free parking downtown.

Bring along a brick wall problem and ask other members for their advice. If your research is taking you to a new country or into a new language, we may have someone who can help you get started at reading new records types. Or just show up to help others, and bring some research to do.

If you’re planning to come, it’s best to RSVP and let us know what kind of research problems you need help with, so we can do our best to arrange for the right members to be around.

We’ll see you Tuesday night.
(And don’t forget to bring your dues.)