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Announcements and Call to Meeting – 17 March

Hey there genealogists. Have you been wondering what’s going on with UJGS? Well, we’ve been working on some things. Much is still in progress actually, but it’s time for us to get started on our 2015 plans.

A few new things about our meetings this year.

1. All meetings will be the third Tuesday of the month. Every month. Except for December when the FHL won’t be open late. We want you to get used to being at the Library at least once a month. So often, other genealogists tell me I’m so lucky to live in SLC where I have access to the FHL. It saddens me when my local society members are not familiar with using the Library. So we want you to be there more often and to use the amazing genealogical resource it offers.

2. Meetings will begin at 6pm. This is new for 2015. Most presentations will last around an hour, so we want you to use the time afterwards to get some research done. Other UJGS members will be happy to help you when they can. If we find that many members can’t be on time for the earlier start, we will adjust.

3. Our July and September meetings will not have any presentations; we just want you to continue the habit of third Tuesdays at the FHL. July is after the IAJGS conference and the officers may not yet be back. September is the second day of Rosh Hashanah. It’s the tail end of the holiday, but we don’t want any observant Jewish members to miss anything important.

4. We are doing a theme this year. Each meeting will focus on a record type that every genealogist should be using for their research. We want you to know how to do your research. Again referencing the resources we have available at the FHL, you should know how to use them.

Srul Feldstein ship List
Immigration record of Srul Feldstein, Banai’s grandfather, listed at #5

We begin in March with Immigration Records. Come hear from Todd Knowles as he teaches you how to find your immigrant ancestors in the records and what else those records might tell you.

We had about a year of pre-conference discussions at our meetings, so you might not remember that we also broadcast our meetings as webinars. If you can’t make it in person, you can register and watch from home.

One more announcement. If you haven’t checked it out lately, we have a new web site design. Head on over to and have a look around. There is a new member login section, where you can pay your dues via Paypal.

And don’t forget to mark you calendars with the dates of our meetings this year:

  • 17 March
  • 21 April
  • 19 May
  • 16 June
  • 21 July
  • 18 August
  • 15 September
  • 20 October
  • 17 November

See you soon.

Call to Meeting – September 9

Hello genealogists. It’s time for another meeting of UJGS. We will meet from 7-9pm on September 9th at the Family History Library in the main floor classroom.

I know a few new people have been added to our mailing list recently. Please visit our web site for directions to the free parking lot behind the museum.

We have two topics for our next meeting.

1. What did you learn at the IAJGS conference?

Did you meet anyone researching the same shtetl? Did you learn something new about available records? Was there a lecture about methodology that you can’t wait to try out on your own research? Or did you learn something about how the conference runs or maybe should be improved in the future? We want to know what you learned at the conference.

2. The future of UJGS.

You joined this society for a reason. What was it? What do you want to get from your society membership? Are we meeting your genealogical educational needs? Have we helped you with your research? Do we have a good variety of lectures that include topics of interest to you? (Think back to before we were engulfed in conference preparations for this one.) What educational opportunities do you want us to provide?

What do you think we should be doing going forward? And what would you be willing to volunteer to do for the society to help that happen?

Please bring your ideas to our meeting next week. See you then.

Call to Meeting – July 22

As we close in on the conference, we have one more meeting to prepare as a society.

We ask all of our members to join us on July 22nd, 7-9pm at the Family History Library, to finish our plans and find out where additional help is needed during the week of the conference.

We know that many of you are working very hard to make this conference happen. We appreciate your effort. Just remember, in a little over two weeks, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and take a vacation.

See you Tuesday.


Call to Meeting – July 8

Sorry for the short notice on this one. At our last meeting, we scheduled two more gatherings before the IAJGS conference, for July 8th and July 22nd, 7-9pm, in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library.

We’re less than a month from the conference. The local committee chairs are in their final preparations for the conference. All members and guests are welcome to come to these meetings to find out how you can help.

Is everyone getting excited for the conference yet?

Call to Meeting – June 10

We took a short break between meetings but it’s time to get back to work on our conference preparations as a group. Hopefully our committee chairs have been pacing themselves and getting things accomplished slowly. But as the conference draws closer, the workload will certainly increase for some of us.

So we’re having another meeting, next Tuesday, June 10th, 7-9pm, in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library.

Please be prepared to report on your progress thus far and be ready to ask other volunteers for help where it’s needed.

See you there!

Call to Library Research Night – May 13

It’s time for another UJGS meeting. This time, it’s Library Research Night.

Come to the Family History Library and do some of your genealogy research. Get help from others in the society, or give help to others if you can. Bring a brick wall problem, or simply something you don’t know how to work on, and we’ll do our best to get your research moving along.

We will be meeting in the main floor classroom from 5 to 9pm. We will begin with a meeting about conference preparations and then move into research for the remaining time.

See you there!

Call to Conference Meeting – April 29

Hello again, friends. Our last meeting was mainly about our upcoming conference. We have a few more meetings already scheduled for the year, but we’ve decided that we’re going to add in several more to focus on the conference and how everyone can help.

So we’re meeting next Tuesday, April 29th, 7-9pm, in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library.

Feel free to bring your questions about the conference. We know many of you have never been before or haven’t been since the last one in SLC in 2007.

See you next week.

Call to Meeting – April 8

It’s time for another UJGS meeting, next Tuesday, April 8th, from 7-9pm in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library.

We don’t have a speaker planned, so we will be having discussions about and related to genealogy. The IAJGS conference is getting closer and it’s time for many of our local volunteers to start preparing. We will discuss different aspects of the conference to familiarize our members with how things work, and the specific functions they will need to provide.

If anyone has a brick wall problem and would like to bring that to the meeting for suggestions from other members, please let us know. We haven’t had one in a while, but the society is here to help.

We will not be broadcasting this meeting as a webinar; discussions do not translate well to that format. If any of our members, especially conference committee chairs, cannot be in attendance in person, please let us know so we can arrange for you to be there online.

See you at the meeting!

Call to Meeting – February 11

It’s time for our first meeting of 2014. On February 11th, come to the Family History Library, main floor classroom, from 7-9pm for a special presentation.

Daniel Horowitz and Banai Lynn Feldstein will be presenting Plan Your Roots Trip to Eastern Europe Effectively.

Learn the tips and tricks on how to plan a heritage trip to Eastern Europe. From the smallest details about hotels, transportation, archives, and cemeteries, Daniel and Banai will share the knowledge gained on their own visits to their ancestral homes.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. It will be broadcast as a webinar and you can register online.

UJGS members, and future members, don’t forget to bring your dues for 2014.

See you there!