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Todd Knowles is the President of UJGS. He is the Jewish genealogy expert of FamilySearch and the purveyor of the Knowles Collection.

Call to Meeting – September 20

Next Tuesday is our next UJGS meeting. Because of construction on the first floor of the Family History Library, we will be meeting in the classroom on the B-2 level, the British floor. Our meeting will begin at 6:30pm.

Our speaker will be Kathy Kirkpatrick, a Utah-based genealogist, originally from Southern California,  who specializes in Italian research. She will be presenting Proving the Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Sicilian Family: following a DNA test showing the 12 marker Cohen modal haplotype, she researched a family back to 1820, then to 1638, and then found baptisms in 1492, the year of the Expulsion of Jews from Sicily. Was the family originally Jewish? Come hear the presentation to find out what she learned.

This lecture was previously presented at the IAJGS Conference in Seattle last month. We are honored to have Kathy bringing this presentation to our society.

See you there.

No Meeting in August

Since two of our officers have just returned from the IAJGS Conference in Seattle, and one has already gone out of town again, we are going to skip the UJGS meeting this month.

Of course, all of our members are still welcome at the Family History Library to do research if you’d already planned to be there, since today is the third Tuesday and our usual meeting day.

We will have our next UJGS meeting on September 20th.

Call to Meeting – July 19

Next week is the third Tuesday, so it’s time for UJGS members to meet at the Family History Library. We will be in the main floor classroom. Our meeting will begin at 6:30 this month.

Our own Barry Mann is going to talk to us about Lithuanian records and a little about South African records.

There’s also bound to be some discussion about the upcoming IAJGS Conference, which is in Seattle next month, August 7-12. How many of our members will be representing Utah?

See you on Tuesday.

Call to Meeting – June 21

We know the notice is a little late, but it’s the third Tuesday this week, which means a UJGS meeting.

We don’t have a speaker planned so we’re going to have a Library Research Night. We want to invite our members to come to the Family History Library beginning at 6pm (or sooner if you want), meet us in the main floor classroom, and do some genealogy research.

Rather than just discussing your research conundrums and brick walls, we want to more directly to help you find the records you need to move forward, or backward, in your genealogy research.

We want to stress the importance of taking advantage of the resources we have in Salt Lake City. Genealogists travel here from around the world to do their family history research at the FHL, but we live here and we have access to it all the time. We want our members to learn how to use the resources available to us.

See you tomorrow. Bring some genealogy research to work on.

Call to Meeting – May 17

Next Tuesday, May 17th, is our next UJGS meeting. As usual, we will be in the main floor classroom at the Family History Library at 6pm.

Our society webmaster, Banai Lynn Feldstein, will be the presenter.

Come and learn about the search tools provided on Steve Morse’s web site, at Banai uses some of them quite often. Do you? They can help with your genealogy research, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

The meeting is free for anyone to attend in person. If any of our members would like to attend by webinar, contact our webmaster for the registration link.

See you there.

Call to Meeting – March 15

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 15th at 6pm in the main floor classroom of the Family History Library.¬†Come and see the FHL’s new main floor layout. The plastic from the last few months of construction is down, and so are some of the old walls.

Our speaker will be Todd Knowles who will show us how to “Use FamilySearch for Finding Our Jewish Ancestry”.

Thanks to the good work of our new secretary, Paula Paradise, we will be bringing back an old tradition to our society. It is customary to be presented with minutes after each meeting from the secretary and have the membership review and approve the minutes at the next meeting. For several years, we have not had a consistent secretary, so this practice has gone unfulfilled. But now it’s back, thanks to Paula. You can find the draft of the minutes from our February meeting online to review.

Call to Meeting – 2 February

Hello genealogists.

Tuesday, February 2nd, in the auditorium of the Church History Museum, at 6pm, we will be having our first meeting of 2016. The Museum is the building across the plaza from the Family History Library, behind which the parking is free after 4:30pm. More information about parking is available on our web site.

Our special guest speaker is Israel Pickholtz, author of Endogamy: One Family, One People. Israel is a professional genealogist based in Jerusalem who will talking about the DNA of the Jewish people.

We will be broadcasting this meeting via webinar. The webinar is free for all to attend live. You should register in advance at, then log in at the time of the meeting.

And for anyone attending RootsTech, we hope you’ll stop by the IAJGS booth and say hello. We would also welcome anyone who would like to volunteer some time to help at the booth.

See you next week.