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Call to Meeting, 19 March 2024

Board meeting to follow Kathy Kirkpatrick on “Polish Military in the Liberation of Italy from the Nazis”. Polish soldiers served in the armies of Germany, the US, Britain (including Mandatory Palestine), as well as those freed from the USSR who fought alongside the the Allies to Liberate Italy and in the Mediterranean. Meeting at the FamilySearch Library in Room B on the Main Floor at 6:30. The Zoom link is

Request from Emily Garber

“Does anyone in your group have the Alexander Beider Jewish name dictionary books? Especially the ones regarding Galicia and the Russian Empire. Also, Lars Menk on German Jewish names? If so, these would be great to have at our booth during RootsTech.”

If yes, please contact Kathy (


IAJGS at RootsTech request

It’s that time again! IAJGS is gearing up for our booth at the conference. We will set up our booth (probably late afternoon) on Wednesday, Feb 28, staff it through the conference, and, then, break things down starting at about 3 pm on Saturday, Mar 2.

Please ID someone from your group who I can work with. Also ID any additional UJGS members who might help staff the booth. I need to know the names and email addresses of all who will be volunteering no later than 2/9 so I can provide names to FamilySearch for exhibit hall passes. Anyone who works the booth will be eligible to use one or the two general passes to attend talks during the conference. I will be creating an electronic sign-up sheet in the next day or two so people can select slots for staffing the booth.

I have a good quantlty of brochures left from other JGSes, so I do not expect that we’d direct a huge amount of mail to whomever coordinates for you in SLC. There will likely be an item or two that I have printed locally. Last year Gary picked those up for me. But I could probably do that myself if needed.

Emily Garber


If anyone planning to be in SLC is available and willing to assist, please let me know ( to it all gets coordinated.


Polish Genealogical Society of America Webinar

February 18, 2024 at 2pm CT.

For this upcoming webinar we will have a double event with two speakers!

Presenter: Dorena Wasik

Overview: Birth, marriage and death records are the backbone of genealogical research, so why do we care about non-vital records? Non-vital records are a treasure trove of details providing snapshots of the lives of your ancestors. They can also lead to unknown branches of your family tree. Dorena Wasik will illustrate non-vital sources helpful in filling blanks and expanding on the foundation of vital records.

Presenter: Aleksandra Kacprzak

Overview: Aleksandra Kacprzak will introduce you to the data available in Polish census records and the various types of records created by notaries. Finding a will, pre-nuptial agreement, land purchase, business agreement or other legal document adds personality to an ancestor.


• MEMBERS: To obtain the member benefit of free attendance you must login before registration.
• NON-MEMBERS: There is a non-members charge of $15.

December Board Meeting tidbits

We’ll have a Roundtable meeting in December, so start thinking about your breakthroughs to share with all of us.

Family Finder link at now working. Please email your family names, places, dates so they can be included.

Handouts at our website above have been updated to include the most recent, in the Members section.

We can post articles on our website, so perhaps you have one (or more) to share.

Still need Social Media person for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other online notices and photos of our activities.

We’d like to acknowledge our members for accomplishment in 2023. All will be posted on our website so everyone will know about your successes. Share news about another member or yourself!