forwarding Upcoming JewishGen Education Courses – Summer 2024

Title: Immigration Study Group 
Dates: July 3rd 2024 – July 24th, 2024  (Additional TBA Sunday Zoom Sessions)
Instructor: Barbara Rice 
Cost: $150. Click here to register now
About: Work together to trace your family’s journey to America. Discover and map the routes to learn how your immigrant ancestors traveled from their former residence to their new home. Did they leave from Hamburg? Antwerp? Liverpool or the Black Sea ports? Did they travel indirectly stopping in other ports? Did they cross borders illegally? Click here to learn more

Title: Brick Walls or Dead End 
Dates: July 28th, 2024 – August 18th 2024 
Instructor: Nancy Holden
Cost: $150. Click here to register
About: Frustrated and at a Loss? Are you at a Dead End or just experiencing a Brick Wall? Are you stumped by a small detail or is there a major avenue you can’t get past? Review your data. If you feel you have exhausted all approaches to new solutions, this class offers one-on-one mentoring in an educational forum setting open 24/7. Click here to learn more