IAJGS at RootsTech request

It’s that time again! IAJGS is gearing up for our booth at the conference. We will set up our booth (probably late afternoon) on Wednesday, Feb 28, staff it through the conference, and, then, break things down starting at about 3 pm on Saturday, Mar 2.

Please ID someone from your group who I can work with. Also ID any additional UJGS members who might help staff the booth. I need to know the names and email addresses of all who will be volunteering no later than 2/9 so I can provide names to FamilySearch for exhibit hall passes. Anyone who works the booth will be eligible to use one or the two general passes to attend talks during the conference. I will be creating an electronic sign-up sheet in the next day or two so people can select slots for staffing the booth.

I have a good quantlty of brochures left from other JGSes, so I do not expect that we’d direct a huge amount of mail to whomever coordinates for you in SLC. There will likely be an item or two that I have printed locally. Last year Gary picked those up for me. But I could probably do that myself if needed.

Emily Garber


If anyone planning to be in SLC is available and willing to assist, please let me know (gentracer@gmail.com) to it all gets coordinated.