IAJGS on French Genealogy

For those researching older French history The French Genealogy Blog has an interesting article about ancient France and Jews and where they lived prior to their expulsion in 1394. The article has maps of how France looked at the time. It states, “that if working only with a modern map of France you will have the impression that the three main areas of Jewish communities, the Southwest, Alsace-Lorraine and Papal States and Provence survived the expulsion within France but they were not within France at the time and areas not within France at the time of the expulsion as areas were controlled by other powers:

  • By the English in the far northwest and the southwest region of Aquitaine
  • A tiny bit in the south belonged to the Kingdom of Navarre
  • The Holy Roman Empire held the northeast
  • Free Burgundy, Savoy and the Papal States owned all the rest of what is now eastern France

Paris was a special as – while Jews were not supposed to living there, most likely they were.”

Anne Mordell wrote the article and she is a professional  genealogist living in France.

She also reminds us of the language differences and that in all locations Jewish documents may also be in Hebrew.

Mordell also states the best research for each of the different regions may be done at Departmental and Municipal archives with their names, but not their websites.

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