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Public records access is an important issue facing the entire genealogy world and it is of worldwide concern. Genealogists depend on access to records to do our research, while lawmakers are changing the rules, sometimes making more records publicly available, but more often removing records from the public’s access, or threatening to do so.

As one example, think of where you’d be in your research without the Social Security Death Index, the closest thing we have to a national death index. The fight over the SSDI is a recent and ongoing one, with some lawmakers wanting to take away all public access due to perceived threats of identity theft, when it’s purpose is to help stop such kinds of activity.

IAJGS has been providing notices about public records access to its member societies’ leadership, but to be sure that everyone can know about these issues, IAJGS has created a new announcement list.

To subscribe to the list, visit, and provide the requested information: name, email, and organization. You will receive an email response to verify your subscription.

IAJGS would also like to hear from list subscribers if they know of public records access issues or have something relevant to add about the postings.

Alerts posted to this new service will be made only when there is something of an important nature regarding public records access.

Thank you to Jan Meisels Allen for bringing this to our attention. Jan is the IAJGS Vice President and Chairperson of the IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee.

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