UJGS 2013 Schedule

Welcome UJGS members and friends to 2013.

We have updated our blog a bit, transferring all of our subscribers to our in-house email system. We have also added some of our past members back onto the list. We’d love to see some more of you again. (Feel free to unsubscribe if you’re no longer interested in hearing from us.)

Mark your calendars. We have set our schedule for 2013.

  • 19 February – Library Research Night
  • 19 March
  • 21 May
  • 18 June – Library Research Night
  • 23 July
  • 22 October

This year, we are trying out the third Tuesday of the month. February and June will be Library Research Night at the Family History Library. From 5-9pm, come to give and/or receive research help from your fellow society members.

Our other meetings will take place at the Jewish Community Center from 7-9pm. Our first speaker in March will be Jeanette Rosenberg, a genealogist from England, who will be sharing with us her research exploits in Germany. More details to come.

2 thoughts on “UJGS 2013 Schedule”

  1. Do you ever have speakers on Russian and Lithanian immigrants or those remaining in those countries? We have difficulty with finding much and the history library records are in Russian

    1. Camille, we have a couple of members who can read those Russian records. One presented on Russian Empire research a couple of years ago. We’ve also had Lithuanian records mentioned during other topics.

      We try to vary our speakers and their topics as much as possible, but sometimes it’s tricky to find speakers and we take what we can get.

      For our members, any specific research problems or language barriers can best be addressed at our Library Research Nights. We have a few experts in our society willing to help other members with their research.


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