New Email Delivery Program

Some of our members have not been receiving email notifications about our blog posts, and the calls to meeting are especially important. Today, I installed a new plug-in to the blog to solve this problem.

Because we were using FeedBurner, each person had to independently verify their email with that service. Some did not see the verification email and some newer members did not realize they had to to sign up.

By having this new plug-in, locally running, members can be added and verified without the extra step on their part.

We will still have the sign-up box on the blog just as before, and the plug-in can handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions automatically. I have set it to digest mode for everyone, so multiple posts in a day will not generate multiple emails.

This blog post is being used as the first test of the new list. All members who were not verified on FeedBurner have been added to this new mailing list already, so everyone should get this message by one method or the other. If all goes as planned, I will transfer the rest of the subscriptions to this new program, including those who subscribed but are not society members.

(If it doesn’t go exactly as planned, it will be in test mode a little longer while I figure it out, but the emails should still get out to everyone.)

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