Upcoming Meetings

For the foreseeable future (since April 2020), we will be holding virtual meetings via Zoom. Links are attached to Call to Meeting posts.

Family History LibraryOur meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month beginning at 7:00pm, except for April and September which were moved for holiday conflicts.

  • January 17 – Yaron Isaac “Sparky” Kohen, Gentile to Jew: A Tale of Identity
  • February 21 – Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Heritage Hiding in Plain Sight
  • March 21 – No meeting. We encourage our members to register for and enjoy the presentations at RootsTech.
  • April 26 – This is a Tuesday! Rabbi Samuel Spector of Congregation Kol Ami has agreed to meet with us there (2425 East Heritage Way, Salt Lake City) for a combination in-person (masked and vaccinated) and Zoom meeting. He will talk about the history of Kol Ami, the state of the Utah Jewish Community, and the significance of family history/traditions in Judaism.
  • May 23 – Adam Cherson, Cultural Genography, Rabbinical Lineages Index, Levi-Cohen Tribal Tree
  • June 20
  • July 18 – Roundtable of all attending presenting experiences and ideas
  • August 15 – Janette Silverman, Illegitimacy in the Jewish Communities of Galicia
  • September 19 – Tina LaFreniere, Connecting Faces Through Time – How to Use Related Faces for Identifying Unknown People in Photos
  • October 24
  • November 21
  • December 19

Our 2021 schedule included:

  • January 18 – Janette Silverman, Lost in the Shoah: the Rescuing Power of Genealogy
  • February 15 – Brian Schellenberg, Introduction to German Paleography
  • March 15 – Kathy Kirkpatrick, The Hidden Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Italian-American Family
  • April 19 – Jonathan Friedmann, Jewish Museum of the American West
  • May 10 – Angie Bush, Endogamy and Your DNA Matches
  • June 21 – Chuck Weinstein, The Three Great Myths of Jewish Genealogy
  • July 19 – Schelly Talalay Dardashti and Maria Apodaca, Conversos and Crypto Jews
  • August 16 – Erika Manternach, Conducting an Effective Oral History Interview
  • September 13 – Paul Graham, Genealogical Source Citations
  • December 20 – Todd Knowles, Virtual Tour of the Family History Library