Upcoming Meetings

For the foreseeable future (since April 2020), we will be holding virtual meetings via Zoom. Links are attached to Call to Meeting posts and on this page.

Family History LibraryOur meetings are now scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at the FamilySearch Library (and Zoom) beginning at 6:30 pm, except for February where we schedule just before RootsTech. Any other changes will be announced via the blog/email.

  • January 16, 2024 – Jeff Svare will speak to us about FamilySearch Wiki.
  • February 27 – Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage will speak to us on The Family History of Department Stores. Macy’s, Sears, Bloomingdale’s — these and many more of the world’s most successful department stores are named after the families that founded them. Join Daniel as he explores the stories of the families fighting to survive who managed to transform their family business into a household name.
  • March 19 – Board meeting to follow Kathy Kirkpatrick on “Polish Military in the Liberation of Italy from the Nazis”. Polish soldiers served in the armies of Germany, the US, Britain (including Mandatory Palestine), as well as those freed from the USSR who fought alongside the the Allies to Liberate Italy and in the Mediterranean. Handout at https://www.gentracer.org/Polish%20Military%20in%20the%20Liberation%20of%20Italy%20from%20the%20Nazis%20Handout.pdf.
  • April 16 – Jabra Ghneim will speak on his DNA surprise, 25% Jewish! Details and Zoom link on the blog post.
  • May 21 –  Board Meeting
  • June 18 – Marlis Humphrey will speak from Phoenix on “Society Outreach in the New Era of Jewish Genealogy”. We will hear from thought leaders in the genealogy community; highlight innovative programs underway by societies, archives, and similar; review UJGS pilot programs underway; and have an open discussion of observations and what might be the most promising initiative(s) for UJGS to undertake. Zoom link is https://ancestry.zoom.us/j/95500628332?pwd=lQt6SBb5sYetUOB2ulCEedisZfHH5p.1
  • July 16 – Steve Jaron will speak from Pittsburgh about Unlocking the Past: Exploring Ashkenazi Dutch Jewish Ancestry

    Join us for an enlightening exploration of Ashkenazi Dutch Jewish ancestry led by Steve Jaron, a dedicated genealogist with a compelling story to share. In this presentation, you’ll accompany Steve on a deeply personal journey as he delves into the intriguing world of his Dutch roots within the Ashkenazi Jewish community. Through ancestral narratives filled with surprising family connections and heartwarming reunions, you’ll gain a unique perspective on the power of genealogical research to unveil hidden stories and connections. Steve’s expertise will be at your disposal as he imparts practical research strategies and tools that will equip you for your own genealogical quests. Zoom link at: https://ancestry.zoom.us/j/91993554535?pwd=w9rJPbdj3BfAHndjBVLkfUCchO6tly.1

  • August 27
  • September 17 – Elizabeth Foote will speak on the Rothschilds of Voehl and her visit there this summer.
  • October 15
  • November 19
  • December 17 – Roundtable, bring your finds!

See many of our previous meetings on our Past Meetings page.