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SurnameCity/StateCountryEarliest DateMember
Perlach Stolin, Pinsk, Minsk Russian Empire 1857 Joshua Perlman
Cohen Stolin, Pinsk, Minsk Russian Empire Joshua Perlman
Kravitz Stolin, Pinsk, Minsk Russian Empire 1861 Joshua Perlman
Chadak Stolin, Pinsk, Minsk Russian Empire Joshua Perlman
Kantor Stolin, Pinsk, Minsk Russian Empire 1859 Joshua Perlman
Strauss Kis-Dovoran, Nagy-Tapolcsany, Nyitra Hungary 1828 Joshua Perlman
Blum Verbo, Vag-Ujhely, Nyitra Hungary Joshua Perlman
Engelsman Verbo, Vag-Ujhely, Nyitra Hungary 1848 Joshua Perlman
Hoffman Kopciowo, Sejny, SuwaƂki Russian Empire 1865 Joshua Perlman
Vilensky Manchester, Lancashire England, United Kingdom 1865 Joshua Perlman
Bochkiss Ataki Moldova 1894 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Feldstein Ataki Moldova 1894 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Halpert Kalisz Poland 1845 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Kurlender Wizna Poland 1812 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Mularzewicz Rutki Poland 1811 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Rosenthal Kopinovtsy Ukraine 1901 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Rosenthal Mukacheve Ukraine 1876 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Schwimmer Zubivka Ukraine 1852 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Szleper Kalisz Poland 1770 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Wolfe Maine USA 1890 Banai Lynn Feldstein
Begak Slabotka, Kaunas, Vilnius Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Friedlander Vilkija Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Katz Ziezmariai Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Klevanski Lygumai Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Legum Lygumai Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Mann Zeimelis Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Stolovich Ziezmariai Lithuania 1800s Barry Mann
Prager Philadelphia, PA USA 1789 Daniel Prager
Solomons, Salomons London/Amsterdam UK 1780 Daniel Prager
Buchbinder Suceawa 1879 Janette Silverman
Buchbinder Tluste 1860 Janette Silverman
Dinerstein Kurnitz 1830 Janette Silverman
Farber/Weiner Zhitomir 1820 Janette Silverman
Gras/Hirschhorn Skalat 1846 Janette Silverman
Kreisler Nadworne/Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) 1846/1870 Janette Silverman
Milyantzik Skvira/Bila Tserkva 1835 Janette Silverman
Silberman Husiatyn 1849 Janette Silverman
Forman Vilyeyka 1820 Janette Silverman
Zweifler/Braunstein Nadworne 1820 Janette Silverman
Dinerstein Clarion Colony, Utah USA 1900s Nelson and Kendra Dinerstein
Dinerstein Minsk 1890 Nelson and Kendra Dinerstein
Pollack Pinsk 1906 Nelson and Kendra Dinerstein
Atkinson South Africa 1890 Quinton Atkinson
Appelbaum Klimontow Poland 1900 Sharon Brown
Barnoy Haifa Israel Sharon Brown
Blackstein, Blackstone Staszow Poland 1901 Sharon Brown
Braum, Braun Osiek Poland 1800 Sharon Brown
Gasee, Hasse Poland 1901 Sharon Brown
Reichman, Richman Osiek Poland Sharon Brown
Taitelbaum Cmielow Poland 1900 Sharon Brown
Villiers Willesden England Sharon Brown
Weisman Netania Israel Sharon Brown
Rosenbaum Poland Todd Knowles
Rosenbaum Germany Todd Knowles
Zipser Slovakia 1800 Marelynn Zipser
Friedman Hags Kallo Hungary 1839 Marelynn Zipser
Lange Slovakia 1821 Marelynn Zipser
Baldinger Szepes Hungary 1800 Marelynn Zipser
Rosenzweig Szepes Hungary 1870 Marelynn Zipser
Bornstein Szepes Hungary 1830 Marelynn Zipser
Wiltsek Hungary 1860 Marelynn Zipser