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Banai is the President and Webmaster of UJGS. She is a professional genealogist living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Call to Meeting – September 22 – Happy Rosh Hashanah

Next week is Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year to all who celebrate.

Next week is also the next UJGS meeting. Our meeting falls on the evening of the second day of Rosh Hashanah, so we’re right at the outside edge of the holiday. Nevertheless, this meeting will not have a presentation. We are just keeping true to our habit of third Tuesday, 6pm, at the Family History Library.

We will be meeting on the British floor this month. Since Todd is working down there anyway, come on down to the consultant area on B2 if you want to say hello or get some help with your research. We’ll be around at least until 7pm.

See you there!

Call to Meeting – July 18

Next week is the third Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for UJGS to have a meeting at the Family History Library. We’ll be starting at 6pm in the main floor classroom. We still didn’t do Vital Records, so that is our intended theme. Who wants to learn about Vital Records?

Maybe you want to hear about the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem? A few of our members were there and I’m sure we’ll all be happy to tell you about it.

See you next week.

Call to Meeting – July 21

Sorry for the late notice, but another third Tuesday is coming up, which means a UJGS meeting, 6pm, in the main floor classroom of the Family History Library.

Banai is still in Israel after the IAJGS Conference, so Todd will lead the meeting. There won’t be a presentation. This will just be a chance for our members to meet together casually, ask for some advice, and get some genealogy research done. So bring some research to do, or something you’re stuck on that Todd or another member may try to help you figure it out.

Genealogists’ Declaration of Rights

IsignedHave you signed the Genealogists’ Declaration of Rights yet? If you went to the IAJGS conference last summer, you may have signed the books at the IAJGS table in the central hallway.

So far, the Declaration has collected 8,000 signatures, but it needs 10,000 to be heard. Federal and state legislation and regulations are coming this year where it will be critical to have the 10,000 signatures.

if you haven’t signed, it’s important for you to do so. The Declaration comes from RPAC, the Records Preservation and Access Committee. Several organizations (FGS, NGS, ASG, APG, BCG, ICAP-Gen, IAJGS, proQuest, and Ancestry) have banned together to give us a voice in the US and state governments.

Many government entities are threatening to take away any access we may already have to records that are needed to discover our family histories, often under the fear of identity theft. Identity theft almost never occurs through genealogical means — but our government needs for us to tell them and we need enough voices behind our representative speakers for them to listen. Imagine if we had even less access to the records than we do now. How far would you get in your research?

If you didn’t already sign, or don’t remember, please sign the online version at It’s the easiest way to participate in the Declaration. And invite all your friends and family as well. If they support your pursuit of genealogy, then they should be happy to sign.

We Miss You

Are you a current member of UJGS? If you haven’t paid your dues for 2015 yet, then you aren’t. Please update your membership by signing in to our web site and paying via Paypal, or by sending a check to the treasurer.

Once you’ve taken care of that, please come to our meetings. We miss you. We haven’t seen you in months. There’s so much more to do with your genealogy research and we’ve moved our meeting times a little earlier this year so you can get some research done at the Family History Library every month.

One of our meetings this year was so small and mostly new people that we just helped each individual with their specific research needs. But even if we get a full room, we will still have time after our presentation to help everyone find a little bit more about their family history.

So please come back.

Our next meeting is July 21st, which may not have a presentation, and our president won’t be back from Israel yet, but you’ll still have all the resources of the FHL to use.  How about sharing a story in August about the information you find in July?

Call to Meeting – June 16

Next week is the third Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for UJGS to have a meeting at the Family History Library. As usual, the meeting will start at 6pm. We should be meeting in the main floor classroom, but if we’re not there (like last month), just ask at the main information desk and they should know where we are. This month’s theme is Vital Records.


Meeting Reminder – May 19

Just a quick message to remind everyone that this Tuesday is the next UJGS meeting. (That’s either today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this message.) We’ve had a slight change of plans. The main floor classroom is getting a  technology upgrade so we’ll be meeting in the B1 classroom instead.

Call to Meeting – May 19

It’s almost the third Tuesday, which means time for another UJGS meeting.

Last month, we had such a small showing, we skipped the presentation and instead helped everyone individually with their research.

This month will either be Census Records, which was supposed to be last month, or Vital Records, which was the next topic.

So, we’ll see you at the Family History Library next Tuesday night at 6pm in the main floor classroom.